Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging stakeholders throughout your projects is essential. Their buy in and understanding of your project is key to minimising risk and unlocking knowledge that can assist you throughout different life cycle stages. We unpiece the needs of both your internal and external stakeholders.

Our stakeholder engagement services ensure that your project follows the right steps in unlocking that knowledge whilst maximising successful project outputs.

Our services include:

We also offer digital solutions to stakeholder engagement needs, including:

Our stakeholder engagement services ensure that your project follows the right steps.

Our Services

What We Do

Our specialist team provides innovative solutions for business needs and can assist you with:



Data driven strategy sits in the centre of the way to digital. We build an array of virtual tools specially selected to engage your audience.

We produce accessible content available 24/7, live engagement events and online tools for acquiring sensitive feedback.

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Planning Communications

Planning is political. Our knowledge in the politics associated with planning allows us to cut through what is often an intricate process. Each situation will be exclusive, requiring well-rounded stakeholder knowledge and mindful awareness of stakeholder views.

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Construction Communications

We develop a strong comprehension of stakeholder and community concerns, plus challenges to construction businesses, enabling us to develop appropriate stakeholder communication plans both prior to and during construction.

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Our creative team specialise in bringing ideas to life, making technical undertakings easier to digest by those outside looking in, telling a consistent story through multiple communications methods and platforms.

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